Sunday, March 13, 2011

Soma 4820 Washington Ave Houston, TX, 77007 713.861.2726

When I make my ventures out of town there are some places that will not make a full review in print. I usually in that case combine two or do a lunch and dinner. This one is an orphan so I am putting in the blog. Do not make the mistake that this is an inferior eatery. I had some of the finest sushi I have ever put in my mouth at this place. The owner/chef is noted for having ties with the major Tokyo fish market and has special fish flown in all the time. Below is Miso soup with soft boiled quail egg, tofu, enoki and green onions. Definitely a step up from the miso soups here in town. Light and delicate with that added richness from the yoke

At the top of the plate is a couple pieces of unagi (fresh water eel). I like the sweet eel sauce so I generally order it. They called the middle row of three a school of salmon. It consisted of Arctic Char, Scottish Salmon Belly, and New Zealand King salmon) The fourth piece on that row is Big Eye Tuna. Last row was a Bluefin tuna tasting of the o-​toro (fattest), chu toro (med fat), and maguro(regular). I also had Amaebi (sweet shrimp) from Hokkaido which is not pictured.
These were all top quality items. The toro (belly) is the fattest and is like eating foie gras. The best tasting as far at being meaty and flavorful was the Bigeye recommended by the waiter. I have been eating sushi for awhile now but this opportunity to eat quality does not present itself to me on a regular basis so I went after it This menu had an unusual one in that it was fowl and not fish. That would be the foie gras below. I adore foie gras and seldom pass it up. As I thought more about it the less strange it seemed. Although often seared most foie gras is served very rare. It is also about as fatty a piece of meat you can get. You could compare with the toro (belly) of salmon and tuna. As a Cajun I have eaten rice with a grease gravy many a times. So in the end it did not seem as strange as first glace and I am certainly glad I did not pass it up If you love raw fish and sushi as much as I do this is a place to seek out in Houston. It is very high tone and fashionable for those who like such but the accessibility of fresh fish from the world is the selling card for me. The raw is only a part of the menu which is quite extensive and sounds great

Soma Sushi

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