Sunday, March 6, 2011

Futzing in the Kitchen

The new product in the cheese section. I had a coupon don't I always. Betcha they never thought of doing this. Sometimes thing just float into my mind. They suggest using it as a sauce for vegetables. That sinks in and then I look around and I have Jiffy cornbread mix and canned corn and beans. There it is.
The product mixed with beans and corn.
The product and beans mixed with the cornbread mix. I omitted the egg figuring the cream cheese will provide the fat.
Was going to put cheese in it but forgot and put cheese on top. Italian blend which I had in the frig
Final bake
A piece with my cafe au lait in my bowl straight from Paris
Next time I will put the cheese inside. A mexican blend would have done better but I didn't have it as would some canned chiles. I have a can of butter beans and I think they do a garlic herb one. Sounds good to me

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