Monday, March 14, 2011

Boyd's Bar-B-Q and Grill

Another place that folded before I could complete my review. It was in the old Harry's on Highway 90. In recent years this place has seen at least three occupants maybe more. They generally do not last long. Because it is somewhat out of the way by near the plants, the key here is to get orders from the plants or overtime meals. Because of the economic down turn that is not happening these days. Below is the three meat platter with brisket, sausage and pulled pork with bread. Not really my kind of BBQ as the sauce seemed to be what they thought BBQ was. The meat was well cooked. The brisket tender and moist. The pulled pork the same way and the sausage good. However they had no smoke component and relied on the sauce to carry them. Great sauce sorta of a sweet and spicy one. I liked that.

It also came with sides of baked beans, potato salad and BBQ jambalaya. The skin on potato salad and the beans were excellent. The rice was mushy and kinda of disgusting in my opinion. Not for me
While most of the menu was BBQ they did do hamburgers and what they called Fat Sandwiches.
They even had a contest. Eat three fat and a double order of bacon cheese fries in 15 minutes and you got it free. Below is a Fried Feast containing fries, fried chicken strips, fried cheese, onion rings, cheese sauce, tomato, lettuce, mayo and mustard. It was ok if you wanted some calories without flavor. The whole thing just jumbled together and was also very sloppy.

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