Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yelapa 2303 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77098 (281) 501-0391

This one falls into an even stranger category. It is still there but the chef who created the menu has moved on and this is suppose to become a standard Tex-Mex. At this point the online menu does not reflect that. It is the same one as when I visited several months ago. All I can say is check with the restaurant by phone before going and expecting this.

Below is a table snack of spiced nuts. It also had those fried pasta wheels which I ate before the picture was taken. Nice bar snack.
They had several non-alcoholic drinks of an unusual nature like the Limeade Kicker I got. Limeade sweetened with a jalapeno simple syrup. Kick ass. Nice and refreshing with a good spicy note.
There is a ceviche like dish that is name for a bay near Mexico called Campechana. Popular in Texas. I am presently on a quest to try all I can. Usually has boiled shrimp and crab in a spicy tomato base. This one had rock shrimp, crab finger, spicy tomato sauce and avocado. Less wet than some I have had but quite delicious. I like the combo.
I also like Marisco which is seafood soup. This one had shrimp and fish with posole which is fairly unusual for this soup. It looks angry but was well within my tolerance. I suspect there is some kind of red pepper that is not as spicy as it looks that they use in these soups. As you can see there is some red jalapenos on the side along with lime wedges behind the bowl to adjust to your taste. It is also served with tortillas. Not as good as some I have had but acceptable.
Dessert was Flan with a lycee and ginger syrup. Denser and firmer than most I have tasted. It was OK but I prefer much more custard like one. The syrup was excellent

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