Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Izzo's 625 West Prien Lake Road (337) 562-7902

For these wintry days Izzo's has a new item. Chicken Tortilla soup. They make it in house from the co-owner's recipe. They are also smart how they serve it. If you get a bowl you can load it up with the freebies. You can also chose the protein you prefer making it steak or shrimp tortilla soup. I went with chicken. The smart thing is the chicken has not been sitting in the soup all day on the hot line which has to be kept at a certain temperature for safety reasons. With the turnover the chicken you get it is fresh and tender. Also the seasonings help the soup. So I started off with chicken to which the soup is added to the top. It is chicken broth based with a good amount of tomato and just enough chipotle pepper to give it a smoky back taste and a slight spice kick. I added cheese and guacamole to mine. But you should consider sour cream and some corn to compliment it. The topper of course in the fried tortilla strips.

With the add ins it becomes a hearty meal that eats more like a stew than a soup. I enjoyed every bite especially the one with a little guacamole in it. It lent a certain richness. Weather getting you down head over for a bowl of warmth and sunshine to pick you up.

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