Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peaux Boys

Peaux Boys Deli
3620 Gerstner Memorial Hwy
Suite H
Lake Charles LA

Monday thru Saturday 10:30 AM to @ 2:30 PM $1 to $10
While I consider the dubious name of this establishment in askance, there is no doubt that delicious food is served there. Next is the address. Where the heck is that? Let me give it you to you in Lake Charles old boy speak: Head south on 14. Pass the 210 look to the right. When you see the Sonic turn into entrance right before it. Head down to Southern Mobile Supply, on your right about two-thirds down is it.

I tried the weirdest sounding po boy on my first time in. I ordered a ½ Crawfish Boil along with a ½ Beef (more traditional). Boiled crawfish with potatoes, corn and a special seafood sauce comes on it. On the fantastic bread is layered slices of red bliss potato topped a mixture of corn and crawfish. It truly tastes like a crawfish boil with all the right seasonings and heat. Potatoes on a po boy, you say. Well they have been putting fries on po boys since the beginning. There are places in New Orleans that still do that. On the other deli sliced roast beef drenched in an in-house au jus appeared. I opted for a sliced jalapeno mayonnaise. I held way too many jalapeno slices for me and pick most off. After that adjustment it was just fine and I ate every beefy bite.

Next time in I went for the ½ BBQ Shrimp and ½ Special. The juicy shrimp sautéed in a butter herb sauce needs Worcestershire sauce to make it New Orleans style in my opinion. However I looked at it like excellent shrimp scampi. I ate away while licking my chops. As in all the po boys the fresh baked New Orleans style French loaf made all the difference in the world. For Instance the bread here (crispy crust, soft crumb) made the special with its Cajun roast beef, smoked turkey, honey ham, au jus gravy, American, Swiss and provolone give the other special in town a run for its money. The crushed jalapeno mayonnaise was excellent on this sandwich as I thick it would on any other

I took my sister and our baking friend here for a treat. My sister got beef with lettuce and tomatoes. It looked good and she ate every bite. Our baking friend had the Philly without cheese. It came out with roast beef, au jus, sautéed mushrooms and sautéed onions. It smelled wonderful and again every bite eaten. She even complimented the bread which is high praise for her. I went with the Spicy Shrimp Salad on wheat berry bread. It was ok but it would have been better on the French bread.

Since I had hit these guys in their early days, I laid off for a coupled of weeks. By the time I got back they had a full and complete menu done up in a lovely trifold. They now had Salad, Wrap, Sandwich, Soup and Appetizers besides Po Boys. I went for the Boudin dip. It consisted of a green onion boudin out of the casing mixed with a cream cheese mixture and served with pita chips. It is a bit unusual but very tasty and creamy with a little zing. Last thing I had here was a Veal Roast po boy that was the special of the day. It was done up like Mother’s Roast Beef Debris in New Orleans. Chunks of melt in your mouth meat doused in spicy gravy

Seek out this venue. It offers great food. You must try one of the Peaux Boys if just for the bread, indescribably delicious.

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