Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chocolate Kingdom Delights, LLC. 2220 Ryan St (409)540-7684

There is a new bakery in town. It started in Groves Tx. It features two of the trendiest items in recent bakery history plus an old one. Cupcakes are all the rage in the big cities. Houston has at least a half dozen if not more devoted to these little cakes. New Orleans has at least three. Cupcakes are the only thing that is made there. The second is the cake ball. I know of one place in Baton Rouge that specialties in them. I have not heard of other places but I sure they are around. The last thing is to coat everything especially savory items in chocolate. Below is just a small sampler from the new place.

At the top is chocolate covered bacon which I particularly like as you get not only salty but smoky. They also have nuts, pretzels and jerky among other things. Below that is mini cupcake of red velvet, orange and lemon. The have three different sizes (mini, regular , and large). Along with the appropriate icing they are filled with whipped cream. That was a little too much for me on the minis. You only get about 20% cake. I happen to like the cake. And this cake was nice and moist not to mention flavorful. Have to try a regular next time. The thing that looks like a truffle is the cake bite. I asked for red velvet and carrot but what I got was german chocolate instead. Delicious. What it seems to be is a bite of cake that has been soaked in a simple syrup then covered in a chocolate ganache icing. A mini caloric bomb for sure but extremely tasty. So rich I am sure you can only eat a few but great flavor. I suggest you try this place for yourself. The staff is very friendly

Chocolate Kingdom Delights

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