Monday, January 31, 2011

Peaux Boy 3620 Gerstner Memorial Blvd 337-656-2883

Thinly Sliced BBQ Sausage PeauxBoy. Thinly Sliced BBQ Sausage with or without cabbage piled high on oven baked French style bread. Was not offered cabbage. This is so thinly sliced that the slices have disintegrated. It eats more like a Sloppy Joe and that was fine with me

The "One and Only" Boiled Crawfish PeauxBoy. A cajun favorite, boiled crawfish with potatoes and corn and our special seafood sauce served on oven baked French style bread. They included extra boiling spice if you wanted it spicier. The corn and crawfish had been tossed in the seafood dressing which was nice. It was a delicious and spicy interpretation of a crawfish boil. Bread excellent as all ways

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