Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pappy's Catfish Cabin

If you did not know the Catfish Cabin up Moss Bluff way closed down. The original owner retired. About a month later it reopened as Pappy's Catfish Connection. I am under the impression that it was some people who worked there that reopened. My Food Group went up to test it out. While most of it is fried there are some grilled items also. I got a seafood platter that pretty much cover the fried stuff. From left to right clockwise is catfish, stuffed shrimp, shrimp, stuffed crab, hush puppy, oysters, crab cake, and fries. All agreed that the quality had not suffered. This is what a seafood platter should be. Each item had its own coating and the crab stuffing was different for each item The shrimp was in seasoned light flour, the oysters in a coarse cornmeal crust, the fish in a cornflour crust. While the stuffed item had the same coating the insides were different. The stuffed crab had a bit more vegetables but lump crab. The stuffing on the shrimp was claw and handled so as to be not overworked. Therefore it was light and not compact. The crab cake used backfin and little breading. However the crab used for that seemed a little off. The fries were like most fries mediocre. Overall A. I had scoped it out the week before. I got a cup of gumbo which proved excellent with all the qualities I seek in one. It was a typical Moss Bluff style of shrimp and sausage.

Closed Monday they are open from 11AM to 10PM except for Sunday when they close at 3PM.
Go up and enjoy

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Sheri said...

Thank you for your recent review of my restaurant - Pappy's Catfish Cabin. I remember you and your group coming in. Pappy's Catfish Cabin has now been open for two months. I never worked at Catfish Cabin but was a loyal customer. I felt that if I kept the same great food and service that Mr. James always had that I could make a success of the restaurant as well. So far business has been great. The hours are long and it's hard work at times but very rewarding. I am enjoying all aspects of the restaurant world. Getting a great review from you was very nice indeed. I kept much the same menu and have added several new items. Next time you come in, try my steak - it is superb. One thing I didn't change was the hushpuppy recipe that Mr. James was gracious enough to give me - a recipe handed down from his Mom. My motto is not to mess with perfection. Thanks again and I hope to see you at Pappy's Catfish
Cabin in Moss Bluff again real soon. Sheri