Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mama Rosa Farewell

For those who have not heard Mama is pulling up stakes. For a number of reason she is regrouping. She will shut down here at the end of the month. Then she will go back up north and try and open a smaller operation in Leesville. While this will mean a 60 minute drive to get her food I feel it is a good move on her part. I think she will operate better in a smaller venue where she can devote herself to making sure every dish is excellent. I went to lunch and got Arancia just in case she does not reopen. Under that mound of cheese and sauce is a fried rice ball with meat and peas inside. While I have never had them this way they proved delicious. It certainly made for a hearty meal. My eating group will make one last foray and then we will see what happens.

The garlic bread is a sub roll with dried herbs

This is what I will miss the most. The best Tiramisu in the south. Light and delicate but full of flavor.

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