Thursday, January 21, 2010


This time I took my camera in so we have pictures. Here is the cup of chili. This one has beans in but when I had gone in before I could swear it did not. Whatever the flavor was good and it was the right portion sized to stimulate the appetite but not kill it.

The yeast rolls. Light and fluffy almost too much so. When I bite into them they squish and get all gummy.

Burgers are a special blend of ground sirloin, chuck & steak, seasoned with natural spices & served on a toasted bun. All sandwiches & burgers include Home-style Potato Chips. So says the menu. I opted for the Old Fashioned Cheeseburger with Cheddar cheese and bacon. As you can see the kitchen forgot the bacon. The server came by just after the runner dropped it off and spotted the mistake and had my bacon a minute later I got onion petals instead of the fresh chips. A mistake I will not make in the future. Northern breading on the onions made this a no go.
The burger was great. Recently I have found I do not like lettuce on my burger. Tomato is ok and I have never liked dill pickles on them. The patty has a real meaty taste. Maybe they do use three meats. As long as they offer coupons in the paper I will come here and get a burger. Maybe even after.

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