Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jan Carino Wine Dinner

Last month menu looked pretty good so I went again. Below is suppose to be a Tomato Due. A red tomato filled with a chicken and smoked cheddar fondue and a yellow tomato with shrimp and asparagus fondue. They had only red tomatoes because they could not find yellow. I got the chicken and cheddar in both of mine although my dining companions said they got both. It was very good. The smoke element made it

Salvatore's Fish Positano available on the menu is a tilapia fillet pan sauteed in a green and black olive lemon butter sauce with capers over a bed of angel hair pasta. Wonderful concept except the fish was under seasoned and over cooked. The olive and caper sauce was wonderful with the pasta. A salty meaty kinda flavor.
Next up was Grilled Chicken Pepperonata. Chicken breast in a burgundy onion and bell pepper tomato sauce alongside scalloped bechamel potatoes. Again a wonder concept but the chicken was poached not grilled. The sauce was wonder but could not overcome the blandness of the breast. The potatoes were luscious. If the chicken had been grilled in skin the smoke and fat would have brought this up the place where it should have been.
If the Triple Chocolate Tiramisu espresso soaked ladyfingers layered between mascarpone custard with white, milk and dark chocolate had been presented in the traditional way it may have been heavenly but presented in a demi tasse I could only taste milk chocolate mousse

You heard me make mention of my dinning companions. As usual I was by myself. However just near me was a table with a couple and a lady. I got invited over and I accepted. Turned out all three read my column and are what I would consider to be foodies. We spent the evening eating and talking about food. The couple especially so. If you knew me a little better you would know I am terrible with names. I am sorry to say the only one that pops into my head is Carol. However if you contact me with your name and contact info I will contact you when I next put together a group outing until you can come to one. My e-mail is

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