Monday, March 2, 2009

Regalia Again

She has ramped up her menu. Not only the platter now but a no meat platter with falafel, spanakopita, hummus, mefadra (lentils) and pasta salad. She has also added grilled sandwiches (panini) and a Meze platter (hummus, tzatkiki, tabbouleh, slice genoa salami, capicolla, serrano ham, oil cured olives, kalamata, artichoke, and assorted cheeses. Below is what you get with the sandwiches as a sideI opted for the Veggie Wrap which has hummus, tabbouleh, cheese and sauce

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Mary said...

Hi Arthur, It's Suzy Wong. LOVE the no meat selection! Middle Eastern food is so flavorful w/o it! Very nice pictures...Mary