Friday, March 13, 2009

Full Do's

I wanted something hot and spicy today for lunch to combat the penetrating cold. It popped into my head that this venue does a seafood picante on Friday. So off I went. As I have turned in the review for this place for publication next week and this meal was not on it I am going to give the full treatment on it. Eric Cormier's column this week, my review next week and the blog today constitutes an unintentional media blitz. However this establishment is well worth it. Below is a shrimp and crawfish picante with red sauce. It possessed a medium spice level but loads of flavor. I add a little hot sauce the at tail end and it brought it up to a nice burn. The green beans here always has a nice spice level and bacon. A deadly combo as far as I am concerned. A sure pick whenever it is offered. The mac & cheese had a wonderful cheesy flavor. As you can see by the color it is not the usually cheddar. I suspect they use a mix of some mild cheeses. It is smooth and creamy. Very satisfying and filling. Later this afternoon, weather permitting, I will be heading to Regalia for what's become a Friday afternoon ritual. Arabic coffee and conversation.


Anonymous said...

where's this place?

Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

1751 Opelousas St
(337) 433-8085