Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bonefish Grill

I was in Lafayette for a food show on Thursday. Since this establishment was literally just around the corner from the food show, I took the opportunity to try this venue again. Below is a shot from my booth into general sitting.

I started off with a white sangria. Must have been made with white zinfandel. I was not looking for fine wine but a refreshing drink and it was all of that.

The herb and oil dip was great. Had a nice balance of flavors. Wish I could say the same of the bread. While the crust was perfect the crumb was too moist and gummy. I struggled through

This was heaven. Mussels Josephine. PEIs sauteed with tomatoes, garlic, basil and lemon white wine sauce. The mussels were nice size and meaty. The acid of the tomatoes played off well on the slightly sweet sauce and the anise of the basil tied it all together. I have not had mussels in awhile and this was certainly a treat.

I added a Bonefish Side House salad to my entree. The description of "Farmed Greens", hearts of palm, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, pine nut and citrus herb vinaigrette had a few clinkers. I assumed "Farmed Greens" would be mescalin. Instead the salad consisted of a half dome of iceberg hidden by some baby greens and such. The heart of palm was a tough fibrous spear. As for the rest it was quite good. The vinaigrette was excellent as was the olives , pine nuts and tomatoes in combination. The whole salad would have been spectacular if not for the berg.

For my entree I got a small portion (after all I was going to a food show with tons of samples) of sea bass in a lemon caper butter sauce, the veggie of the day (succotash) and garlic sauce covered whipped potatoes. Everything excellent. The sweet perfectly cooked sea bass counterpointed by the acidic sauce. The succotash nicely seasoned and the potatoes muy garlicky. I practically licked the plate

As good as the entree the Creme Brule was heavenly except for the unnecessary addition of whipped cream which I quickly scraped off. Perfect sugar crust and super smooth decadent vanilla custard underneath. This alone was worth the trip

The location is 1912 Kaliste Saloom. It is in a shopping area on the north corner of Camellia Blvd and Kaliste. It is a petty straight shot. Come down Ambassdor Caffery until Guilbeau Rd. Guilbeau turns into Camellia which ends at Kaliste Saloom. Dinner only starting at 4 PM daily.

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Roux-B-Doo said...

Dang Arthur, sure looks tasty. 'Specially the Creme BruleƩ. WIsh we had one up here in these parts.