Friday, March 20, 2009

Pho Tien

They have added some Lenten dishes to the menu. This is one. It is Salt Roasted Shrimp. It is a variation on my favorite preparation of seafood. That is salt and pepper. Everyone does it different. This one is raw shrimp wokked with a salt and garlic mixture very little pepper then some bell pepper and onion strips added to finish off. It is served with rice and Pho Tien salad. I would have preferred more spicy but that is why the sirachi bottle is on the table. The flavor was nice. There might have been fish sauce used in it. I enjoyed it except for the tails. By the way I ended up here Friday because Donde Tonio is no more.

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Celeste said...

Salt & pepper shrimp rock; s&p squid are even better!