Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When the muse hits

I took off Mardi Gras. Maybe because it was in the middle of the week I was in a strange and creative mood. Using ingredients I had at the house I came up with the following items. Below is an open faced salmon sandwich. I had five cheese Texas toast which I did up. Then I sauteed some Seapack Salmon Burgers that I had in the freezer. Topping them was a glaze of grape jelly and Nuoc Cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce made with fish sauce). It suited my taste that day. A sweet and savory dish with a hint of hear.

The night before I had laid out some bread to get stale as I intended to do Pain Perdu. I had also macerated some strawberries as topping. Coming back from setting up the banks for the restaurant so my boss could concentrate on setting up for Mardi Gras I passed by the new donut shop on Broad and got breakfast. Therefore I was no longer in the mood for sweet Pain Perdu. So I did a savory version. I made a milk and egg soak without sugar but added chipotle mustard and salt. The strawberries got cooked down with black pepper and balsamic vinegar added at the end. This proved quite delicous and I will likely do this again. The bread with the mustard undernote made an interesting contrast with the sweet, spicy, and vinegary strawberries.

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