Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I headed up 171 to Moss Bluff to try out a new venue that I had gone to two weeks ago. Unfortunately they had changed their hours to dinner service only. Hungry and not wanted to fix something at home my mind started it's run through. Since I was up that far on 171, Boskeez at Gillis popped into my head. Out of my normal pathways I had not been in ages. So off I went to this homey and tasty place. Below is their chicken and sausage gumbo. Nice roux and thin flavorful broth. Rice not too bad. A winner.

Next came an oyster loaf with onion rings. The onion rings were thin sliced in a flour coating. Perfect. The oyster loaf less so. Considering the bread he uses he made certain improvements on it. It is griddled and in true oyster loaf fashion hollowed out with tarter sauce, lettuce, and dill pickles topped with the oysters. If I had know dill pickles were part of the package I would have asked them to be left off. I like them ok by themselves but not in a sandwich. I just picked them out. No big deal. They oysters while tasty were breaded. A bit thick and heavy. Talking with the owner later I found out he was not happy with them either. He was trying something new and would be going back to corn meal. Because of staffing problems they are only open for lunch (11 to 3) these days. Despite a less than perfect meal I will still go back to this place. It has lots of good stuff. I just had the envie for oysters.

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