Wednesday, February 11, 2009

True Mexican House February

This is the last month for plate lunches. Starting in March during the week they will sell only tamales. Saturday they will open at noon with a special menu I will post later. I got her special fajita plate. She sauteed pork,bacon, bell peppers, onions, poblano peppers together and then added Monterrey Jack. Not your usual but quite delicious. All the flavor melded together

Since she is going to just tamales I got one. This is vast difference from when she first opened. Then it was massive tamales with much more masa than meat. These are cylindrical (suspect machine made) with a thin coat of masa and much more meat. I got spicy pork and it took the roof off my mouth. Muy Caliente but decent.

She only packed corn tortilla and here is the mixture stuffed in it. What I could not get on the tortilla I mixed with the rice and ate. That was good also

Here is the tamale cut open.

Below is a copy of the plate lunches this month

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