Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Monday afternoon not wanting to fix something at the house and not wanting to do drive thru I finally wound up at Chili's on Hwy 14. I went with a new item called the Triple Dipper Dinner. They offer nine items and you choose three. I went with the Big Mouth Bites, Buffalo Chicken Crispers Bites and the Boneless Sweet Chili Glazed Wings. The Big Mouth Bites are mini burgers topped with applewood smoked bacon, American cheese, sautéed onions and Ranch dressing on sesame seed buns with Jalapeno ranch dressing. The boneless wings are tossed with sweet and spicy ginger-citrus sauce. Served with Ranch dressing. The crisper bites are fried and dipped in Buffalo sauce then topped with cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, pickle and ancho-chile ranch dressing on sesame seed buns. Served with the ancho ranch dressing. The cost here is $9.99 and I enjoyed every bite. The burgers were nice and juicy, the crispers gave that classic buffalo wing taste while still being crispy and I love sweet and spicy and the boneless wings delivered that. It was also filling.


Below is what remains of a Sweet Shot. A mini dessert concept that is getting popular. It provides just enough sweet without being overwhelming in it size. I got the Red Velvet Cake. Layered like a parfait with cake and icing.



Celeste said...

I'm no nutrition nazi, but Chili's is a calorie/fat/sodium nightmare. If Chili's was required to post the nutritional information on the menu, it would have NO customers. Here's a link: http://www.chilis.com/menu/default.asp Look on the bottom, right-hand side. Read 'em and weep...and take another Lipitor!

Anonymous said...

I like Chili's. I like the nachos and a presidente Margarita. There is nothing that would stop me from eating there even if they posted their nutritional info (I've seen it and it's not much different from most chain restaurants). It's okay to treat yourself. Have a great weekend.

Hungry Celeste said...

Classic nachos, no guacamole: 1,320 calories and 101 grams of fat. Yes, that was ONE HUNDRED AND ONE grams of fat, 50 of them saturated fat. "Treat" is a relative term.