Saturday, February 14, 2009

Waffle House

I had to go down to work to do the banking Saturday to give my boss an extra hour to get ready for Valentines day. When I left I was a tad hungry so the mind started it run through. A Ha. It has been years since I have eaten there and I had the envie for pancake/waffle. Let the kvetching begin. First of all they need to change their name. What they present these days for a waffle is an insult to that fine product. Tasteless, soggy, tough,thin, etc. Below is what I got. A tragedy. Second of all what happened to the "welcome greeting" when you come through the door. It annoyed the hell out of me but it was part of the Waffle House experience. I nearly had to cause a riot to get someone's attention. Lastly corporate must consider every prospective customer an blithering idiot and illiterate to boot. You can only get the picture menu online

I got the All Star Special. Two eggs (sunny side up), grits or hash brown (grits), waffle or biscuit (next time it will be biscuit), bacon or sausage (bacon) and toast. I must say that except for the waffle this was a decent diner breakfast. The eggs were perfect (just the way I love them. Runny yolks and just set whites. The grits firm and not runny. The bacon could have been crispier but sufficed. The margarine and jelly in PC's (personal containers) I would expect from a large chain. If grading I would give a B-, just because of the waffle.

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