Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sabine Pass


Sabine Pass Crab Shack

345 Broad St

Lake Charles LA


Wednesday to Friday 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM $2 to $25

Wednesday to Saturday 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM

If you go to this venue, you must have a love of seafood and like it fried. It is a fry shack pure and simple. 95% of it’s menu is seafood and 90% of that is fried. You must also deal with its eclectic hours and loud bands in a small space on the weekends. They seem to use amplifiers which are not appropriate.

Since they adjusted their menu essentially negating one of my visits and their hours and location made it hard for me to eat a meal, I am just go down the list of items I ate. An appetizer of fried crab fingers in a black pepper flecked batter was excellent. Not over fried or over battered a delight with the in house tarter sauce. They served fine burgers which have disappeared never to return. However the onion rings have stayed and are delicious. A fine to medium cut coated in flour and fried to perfection

The Captain’s Platter is a meal and a half. It contains, shrimp, catfish pieces, oysters, crab cake, stuffed crab, frog legs, hushpuppies and a BBQ crab. All of the above is fried. I opted for the potato salad and sweet potato fries. The shrimp and frog legs were coated in flour and great. The catfish and oysters in corn flour/meal are also great. The BBQ crab as good as I have ever eaten. The stuffed crab was OK. However the crab cake was an abomination of a pre fabricated product with a thick crust and surimi in the middle. Why restaurants put these on their seafood platters is beyond me and I had them on every seafood platter I have eaten in the last few months. I like the sweet potato fries (thin stick like) and did not care for the dilly potato salad.

The unfried option of grilled shrimp and catfish filet was ok but too salty for me. The slaw I opted for was wonderful. The cabbage was thinly cut and lightly dressed so it retained a great crunch. Except for chicken fried steak the menu is just variations of the seafood I sampled on the platter. My steak came out fried rock hard with gravy on the side and texas toast. Again I opted for sweet potato fries. Not a happy meal

I would suggest you stay with the fried seafood which was excellent and delicious except for the fried crab cake. You will leave happy and satisfied

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