Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rocco 3358 Drusilla Ln # 2 Baton Rouge, LA 70809-1877 (225) 248-1999

Back story on this place.  Boy grows up in Chalmette helping his grandfather in a po boy shop.  Goes off to college at LSU.  Goes out for football.  Decides to open his own place.  Rocco’s Roast Beef hot roast beef and our home made brown gravy. Just like in New Orleans.  The roast beef was very good but not too sloppy.  Seemed not to be deli meat but sliced off a roast.  I did like the bread that much.  There was a choose between white and wheat.  They brought me wheat.  It did not have the crusty crust of a true New Orleans bread.
I opt for the bread pudding for sweet.  It was loaded with cinnamon and bread was well broken up to the point of being crumbs.  It made for a slightly dense but tasty portion.  Maybe I hit it at a bad time but this place seemed so sad it is unlikely I will return.
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