Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cochon Mustard

I must apologize to Liz who sent me this sample several months ago. It got put away and forgotten. The other day I stumbled upon it and here is my take. This is a whole grain German Style mustard formulated by Donald Link and Stephen Stryjewski of Cochon using Abita Amber.
It is a lovely mustard that can be eaten out of hand because of the balance of it. Not too spicy
and not too vinegary with a big mustard kick. People in New Orleans can get their hands on it at Rouses and Whole Foods to name a few. They sell it a The Butcher. There is no source for us in the hinterland but snatch it up if you happen to see it. It is very good. Here are a few uses that I did I made pork burgers with some the last ground from the hog I had butchered. A good slathering of the mustard really complemented it

A charcuterie plate with stuff I had hanging around. Starting at the top going clockwise pita bread, feta cheese, gorgonzola, smoked pork tenderloin, usinger's mortadella, and white cheddar with Cochon mustard and jam in the middle
On hot dogs of course.
I would think mixed with some honey for an excellent glaze for pork. A good addition to a lot of cooking.

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