Monday, April 26, 2010

Bee Raw Honey

I told you about this honey I got through It is from a company called I agree with the raw unpasteurized honey concept. I have been doing that for years getting honey from some friends that kept bee hives until recently. However this honey which is wild raspberry is delicate for my tastes. My friends set hives around tallow trees which give a honey in color and strength of taste of buckwheat. In other words dark and strong. I was raised on cane syrup so I that is what I am use too. However I began to appreciate the nuances of more subtle honeys. The best way I enjoyed this was straight from the jar. It was sweet but not the sweet of a normal honey and with it's light flavor made it excellent this way. Other ways follow.
As a sweetner for a mild white tea its delicate flavors blended well with the tea
Bread and honey for tea. An English classic and also quite good. The slightly yeasty flavor of this ciabatta accented the flavor of the honey. You got more than just sweet.
Honey over cheese in this case feta. A set contrast in taste and texture. The salty dense cheese accented by the sweet and sticky honey. A delight to eat.
Honey and Greek yogurt. I first had this at a small cafe in Neal's Yard in London nearly thirty years ago. With the resurgence of this style I was able to enjoy it again.
The trick here is the contrast of unsweetened tart yogurt and the sweet sticky honey. Ambrosia of the gods (Greek gods that is). A just right dessert.
Finally more bread honey. With this honey the simpler the better. Although I wonder about this and Cochon mustard glaze on a pork chop
An excellent natural product that is made available straight from the hive to you with little or no handling.

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