Saturday, October 17, 2009

Leronard's Food Quarters Breakfast

Just recently the Quarters started a breakfast trade. The menu consists of two plate items, biscuits, burritos and po boys. The sandwich items all have scrambled eggs, cheese, and a protein. Either bacon, pan sausage or link sausage. Below is a link sausage po boy. It basically overwhelmed the bread and I had to eat with knife and fork. It was delicious however. I got this through the window but you can go inside and sit down also. They do it Monday to Saturday from about 6 to 10:30. The link sausage had a kick and good flavor.

This is one of the plate item you can get. The other is pancakes. I was less impressed with this. It seemed like a bunch of prefabricated items thrown together on the plate from the fried hash brown patty to frozen biscuit to instant grits and no choice on the eggs which seem to indicate a liquid product used.

In my opinion your best option is to drive thru and get the biscuit, burrito or po boy option.

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