Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You Don't Know Jack

You Don’t Know Jack
504 North Beglis Parkway
Sulphur LA

10:00 AM to 10:00PM Everyday $3 to $25

I am sure that many of you ate at Chinese King Downtown until it closed its doors. After a short hiatus Jack Wong is back cooking. This truck stop casino restaurant carries a dual menu. One side is Cajun with burgers, fried seafood and such. The other side is Asian including some dishes from his original establishment.

On the Cajun side none of his appetizers stuck me. I went with a Small Combo seafood platter. It consisted of two oysters, four shrimp, a huge fish fillet and a fried crab cake. Except for the crab cake they were all coated in the same standard corn flour/corn meal mixture. Good for the oysters and fish less so for the shrimp. The oyster were moist and the fish perfect, crispy crust and moist interior. The shrimp were fried properly but the coating still bothered me. The crab cake had surimi in it. However the coleslaw proved wonderful. It seemed to have been made fresh with a slightly sweet mayonnaise dressing and still crunchy. The tartar sauce was too dilly for me. The real disaster was the vastly overcooked crème brule. Maybe it was just a bad baking day. Another customer was noshing on a really nice looking beef sandwich with au jus to dip it in.

On the Asian side I got Pot Stickers. They turned out to be vegetarian but delicious. The spicy soy based dipping sauce certainly helped that. Then a Spicy and Sour soup came out. It lived up to its name being nice and spicy with a sour vinegar kick. It contained tofu, mushrooms, green onions, etc. A bit off putting at first but it grew on me. For the entrée I got Tong Cho Chicken. I love Tong Cho sauce but I have never had it with chicken before. This turned out to be a delight. Boneless white and dark meat cut up and flash fried then put into a dark spicy/sweet sauce. The chicken pieces held their crunch and the contrast with the sauce made for fine eating. Spicy/sweet happens to be my favorite combo. I ate every bite of chicken then used my rice to sop up the sauce. I was very happy. I tried the other dessert on the menu, Fried Ice Cream. I found the rice cereal like crust off putting. It came with a sweet vanilla sauce.

The menu on line is more extensive than the one they handed me the last time. They may be expanding it or maybe it shrunk. I do not know but I will try to go back in about a month and find out. The on-line menu had some interesting stuff. Watch the blog. This however is a golden opportunity for devoted customers of Chinese King to relive those days.

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