Friday, May 6, 2011

Whisk and Ladle 3301 Ryan Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601337-478-4336

Again a BB. I made my order just before they stopped doing lunches. I was able to get a lunch sandwich tray and the dinner for one. Below is the salad that I got for both lunch and dinner. Nice mix of greens and grape tomatoes but I found the balsamic vinegar a bit acidic for me.
The French Onion with its cheese crouton was as good as any I have had. Nice deep broth with great onion flavor

The sandwich was basically a caprese salad on bread. The grape tomatoes wonderfully sweet and the fresh mozzarella a bit tangy all brought together by the pesto on some great focaccia bread. I loved it

The dinner had another container of salad. The entree was a braised pork steak with Gorgonzola potatoes. Not a hit. The pork was tough and chewy. The potatoes undercooked although the sauce was ok

The fruit dessert below was assorted berries with a big galump of brown sugar on top. Just plain disgusting

These people do not seem to cook to my taste so it is unlikely I will order from them again.

Whisk and Ladle

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