Monday, May 30, 2011


Over the weekend I did a pork tenderloin that lemon pepper marinade on it. Straight from the store. I ate medallions off it for the first meal. I then cut it in half. I made one half into fair sized cubes and the other a small cut. The meat had been in the marinade a long time and was very juicy and a little mushy. With the little cuts I sauteed them in oil with a little seasoning and dehydrated trinity plus garlic. When I had a little color I add some Pace's pineapple & mango chipotle salsa. I reduced until thick. Next I warmed some corn tortilla. I made a taco with the pork topping with a Mexican cheese blend and some sweet and spicy jalapeno slices. Kind of a bastardized version of taco pastor. Nice and smokey with good kick
With the larger cubes I did a sorta of hash. Again I sauteed the cubes with seasoning. Then I added a bag of Alexia Sweet potatoes with vegetables cooked in a chipotle oil. Good product look for it in the freezer section with the potatoes. I know Walmart carries it. Again nice smoky flavor with a bit of a kick and some sweetness due to the potatoes.

Not too bad for off the cuff food using ingredients from the frig

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