Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Daddy Sports Bar and Grill

This morning I made the Sam's run. As I did not have any frozen items I had time to go to breakfast. On this side of town my preference is this establishment. This morning I went with a pancake. You don't need much more than one as these are substantial.. You receive a mile high one that is light and fluffy.

These days I only us Steen's syrup or honey. However here at each table is a canning jar of home made preserves. This table had plum. So after slathering the pancake with butter I added a layer of plum preserves. I always go for large breakfasts on the weekend

I also got some bacon (nice and smoky) and some grits. They serve excellent grits here. Add a large glass of milk and I was very content for $8. During the week the cutoff is at about 10 but on Saturday they serve breakfast until after 12

As a side note they have acquired the space next to them at this strip mall and have expanded. This weekend they will start featuring live music on Friday night. So get over there and get some good home cooking and entertainment.

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