Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Daddy's Sports Grill

Not to be confused with Big Daddy's of Iowa which is now defunct. This establishment is in a strip mall on Sale Road just east of Nelson Road. It is basically a hole in the wall that is going to be expanding into the next space in the strip. It is sports themed and does from scratch cooking. I was in the area because I was on a Sam's run for the restaurant I work for. They serve breakfast on Saturday until noon. This is the Home Run breakfast plate. I opted for a pork chop but you can also get a ribeye or ham steak. I went with bacon instead of sausage. Grits instead of hash browns. Biscuit instead of toast. Eggs sunnyside up. They have jelly on the table they get from a local lady. I know the owner and while we were talking his breakfast came out. Mile high fluffy pancakes. I know what I am going to get next time I go for breakfast. Good plate lunches are served Monday thru Saturday. With the expansion will come live music on the weekend (Cajun) and more places to sit down and enjoy this fine home style cooking.

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