Monday, June 27, 2011

Dippity 900 S Main St Ste 948 Lumberton, TX 77657 (409) 755-3632 7

Another BB voucher. This place has an interesting back story. It started out as a donut place that added a burger. The burgers got so popular that the donuts went away. They still make the buns from scratch. They off old school style burgers, the kind that drips with flavor. Hand formed meat patties – Dippity’s beef is ground fresh daily! and has some of the best homemade onion rings you have ever tasted. I certainly liked the onion rings. Thick cut and flour coated my favorite. You do get a large order.
I got a double meat burger add cheese and bacon. It proved delicious. Not that impressed with the bun. It was certainly fresh but it need to be more substantial. It just sort of fell apart.
Cut in half. It was good enough I will go back and get the Texas Tummy Tingler.

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