Monday, May 3, 2010

Fast Food Monday

Could not help it I had to have it and now that my curiosity is satisfied I can do without it. If they could find a way to make sure you got cheese and bacon in every bite it might be worth it. This was not as the chicken was room temperature and had been that way for awhile. My suggestion is not to Double Down at KFC
I like Eric Cormier am on a quest to find a good fish taco in town. Que Pasa's is garbage and so it the one at Long John Silvers. A good fish taco needs a fresh corn tortilla with fried fish, a fine cut cabbage slaw and a spicy sauce. Have not found that yet. Izzo's one during lent came the closest


Anonymous said...

ok I know a place in Lafayette that has a fish taco like the one you described ... Agave Mexican Cantina 200 E. Vermillion. They talk about this place ALOT on 102.1 KQIS. You should check it out for us.

Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

Funny I was downtown Lafayette waiting for Pamplona to obey right across from Agave. Maybe I can hook up with Eric and we can try it together