Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kyoto Sushi

I am going to take you through my routine when I evaluate a sushi bar. This also my favorite meal. It is comfort food for me. I usually get green tea hot and the miso soup. This day I had a hankering for the bonito broth so that is what is pictured here
Also you can tell a lot about the place by the seaweed salad. No I do not think they make this themselves but it is pre prepared. The more types of seaweed the better in my opinion.

I order two nigeri type sushi. That is the type with the protein on top of a rice ball. I particular like ebi (sweet shrimp) because not only is it delicious (succulent and sweet) but you generally get a bonus ie the fried heads. If I am especially lucky they don't clean out the heads. Unagi (eel) is the other and I get it for dessert. The eel sauce is usually so sweet that it act like dessert in my opinion
The main dish I forgot to take a photo of. But if you frequent this blog you have seen pictures of it before. It is Chirgasi (it means scattered). Take a bowl and fill it halfway up with sushi rice. Then you scattered various proteins of top. The one I got the other day contained salmon, tuna, wasabi tobiko (flying fish roe colored orange and infuse with horseradish), white tuna (escolar or oil fish), surimi (fake crab), snapper, two white fish I could not identify, and sweeten egg omelet (another dessert like component). This represents the range and quality of seafood available at a sushi bar. Most of it is raw and shows the freshness. While rolls are OK they are not in the true spirit of a sushi place but rather an American affectation

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