Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carraba's Lafayette

I had to go to Lafayette for a mini food show and used the opportunity to go here as it was just around the corner. I have been to the one in Beaumont many times. Even though it is a chain it is a great chain. Also the originators of this chain is Johnny Carraba and his uncle Tony Mandola of Houston. Their ancestry is Southeast Texas Sicilian that immigrated from Southwest Louisiana. So if feels like I am supporting home boys.

Below is their classic sangria made with Korbel Brandy, fresh fruit and our Italian house wine, your choice red or white. I do not normally indulge but it had been a hard day and it was not over yet. It was decent but a bit rough around the edges.

The house is basically a boule. The crust was lovely but the crumb a bit light weight. It could have been more dense for my taste. Still it sopped up things wonderfully and I utilized often during the meal

The main reason I came here. Cozze in Bianco Mussels steamed in white wine, basil, lemon butter and Pernod . As usual they were wonderful. The mussels small but fat. The broth so good that I used the bread to sop all of it up. I should take after pictures

A new item to was Mama Mandola ’s Sicilian Chicken Soup spicy chicken soup. Had to give that a try. Its heat came from black pepper. There was lots of chicken and a few vegetables. The broth was thick with a tomato base
The other reason I came. Spiedino di Mare shrimp and sea scallops coated with Italian
breadcrumbs, grilled and topped with lemon butter sauce with a side of cavetelli amatrica (corkscrew pasta in a spicy sauce). This dish is heaven on a plate. The contrast between the sweet seafood and spicy coating with the lemon bringing it together.
Finally an off the menu dessert. Bread pudding made with brioche and topped with Blue Bell (notice David) Vanilla and Limoncello liqueur. Very nice

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