Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yet more Central Market

This is a habanero/mango marinated piece of salmon that I cooked in my tabletop appliance. Quite tasty. I usually get at least one of the value added fish for a quick meal.

This is a piece of line caught coho salmon. This piece I pan sauteed with some mesquite seasoning. I then finished with a mayhaw and chipotle glaze. Really Really good. As I am sure you have figured out I like sweet and spicy
This piece I poached in a combination of water, fish sauce, honey, steens cane vinegar and sirachi sauce. After poaching I topped it with some of the hatch chile salsa. Also very good
This is some key west pink shrimp that I did salt and pepper style. I love this style of Chinese cooking. I recently ran across a recipe. It was dead simple so I gave it a try. I went a little overboard with the salt and pepper but it was still delicious. This is definitely a keeper. Just toss the shrimp in cornstarch and wok until a little pink. Then add a mixture of garlic, kosher salt, black pepper and pepper flakes.
This is a piece of rock fish just plainly grilled. I tend to buy fish I have never tried. Sometimes it works and sometime not. This was not a success. Very little flavor
Below is a pub cheddar and jalapeno burger that I picked up at Albertsons on Ryan
On a toasted hatch bun with some melted blue cheese. Not bad at all
Below in a hamburger with Hatch chile. Moist and delicious
Lastly I fried some of the rock fish in a batter. That seemed to work good. Nice fish burger. I made a lot of batter so I also did fried red tomatoes and some sweet onions not pictured

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