Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Central Market

This first item is not from Central but rather a coupon purchase I made. Processed cheddar with bacon in it. It is not too bad.

Here is a sliced Hatch Chile Cheddar bread from Central. Thinking what I am thinkingVoila. Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Really nice. The bacon smoky flavor with the pep of the chile and sharpness of the cheddar really made this a treat

Below is Rosa Salami. It is like Mortadella except the meat is not emulsified. It is like andouille in that pieces of pork shoulder is stuffed in a casing with pork fat and pistachios. It is well seasoned and a little spicy. In fact I like it more than mortadella. I made some sandwiches with the Hatch bread, ate most out of hand and it would up in my special breakfast dish with eggs and corn tortilla strips

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