Tuesday, March 27, 2012




508 Hawkeye Avenue

Lake Arthur LA



Monday to Saturday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM Cost $2.50 to $25

Sunday 11:00 AM to 3: PM

Opening last fall this new construction is spectacular. A long ADA rated ramp leads to the main building which is set on piers over the waters of the lake. A large dining room tricked out in wood also has a fireplace and a small stage. Wide capacious eaves mean you can partake in out door dining. They make the point that you can arrive by car, boat or seaplane. I have been two times with variations of my eating group. A late Saturday lunch seems to work best for us

First time was me, my sister and our enthusiastic friend. I ordered the Smoked Fish Dip for the table. It consists of in-house smoked white fish mixed with cream cheese and herbs then blended together to form a paste. Crackers come with it. While my companions were less than enthusiastic, I loved it. I ate most of it. Something about how the smoky flavor complements the unctuous cream cheese speaks to my palate, could have used a bit more heat. Lunch was still being served. My sister went for the Crab cakes with a side of grits. She was highly pleased. The pan sautéed cake delivered on flavor and the grits while not quite Zea’s were good. Our friend got Fried Oysters. It was just the start of the season. They were tiny but well fried in a cornmeal crust. I opted for the Seafood Platter. I was off fried platters as I had recently had some terrible ones. However except for the oysters there were other options for the other elements of the platter on the menu. Therefore I ask for the items broiled, griddled or sautéed as a substitute for the fried version. To my delight they were amenable. I would not have tried this on a busy night but a lazy Saturday afternoon seemed OK.

The platter consisted of shrimp, oysters, catfish, crab cake, stuffed crab and shrimp and okra gumbo. Even though it had okra in it the gumbo was roux based. An excellent roux it was. The juice tasted of seafood with okra under tone. The shrimp were abundant and it was delicious. The shrimp and catfish were griddled with a blackening season and quite moist and tasty. The pan sautéed crab cake possessed at least 80% crab meat if not more with little filler. The same could be said of the stuffed crab except the dressing was in a real crab shell and broiled. Again the fried oysters were small but tasty and not over fried. My side of Corn Macque Choux tasted fine also. We shared a Gateaux Sirop (syrup cake) which was below par.

The return visit was with a larger contingent. Their bread boat (miniature pirogue) held roadhouse style bread. I ordered Alligator Sausage (came with grain mustard and kraut) for the table. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Several people ordered po boys. They included Fried Catfish and the Grand Lake Special (oysters and shrimp). This happened on the other end of the table. They looked delicious and I heard no complaints. A crab cake entrée was also ordered on that side. Just as good as the last time I was told. Our baking friend got the special. A catfish and shrimp combo (fried catfish and broiled shrimp). My sister ordered the BBQ Shrimp would have been excellent except for an over abundance of rosemary.

I started with oyster on the half shell, still a bit on the small size but nice and briny. I then tried the Duck and Andouille gumbo. Dark roux complimented the earthiness of the duck with the Andouille adding just the right spiciness. I then went to the Crispy Duck with Cane Syrup. Half a duck cooked until the skin was crispy then slathered with a cane syrup glaze. The combination of the sweet crispy skin and the earthy meat was perfect. I enjoyed every finger licking bite as with a dish like this your hands are your best tools. The table shared Bread Pudding and another run at the Gateaux Sirop. The much improve cake and the bread pudding was a fine end to an excellent meal.

I highly recommend this establishment south of Jennings for a leisurely Saturday afternoon drive of about 45 minutes to eat superior food on the water


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