Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The Spot Cafe

1847 Hwy 14

Lake Charles LA


Monday to Saturday 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM Cost $1 to $10

This annex to Jones Grocery has been many venues over the years. It has turned over again. Less ambitious than the last place here (they offered sometimes as many as five or more different plate lunches) these people offer only one but so far they have been tasty. They are feeling their way but recently they put out a menu for the whole week. Before it was cooks choice and you got the throw of the dice. You might find mw there on Tuesday if the keep serving ox tail on that day.

Based on the lunches the short order stuff should be good also. They do po boys, burgers, fried chicken, and fried seafood not to mention breakfast. The breakfast seems solid but not exciting enough for me to haul myself out of bed. But based on what I have eaten it should be as well prepared.

First time in was Baked Chicken. Since I find this to be dry more times than not, it was a test for this venue. However this leg quarter passed with flying quarters. It was juicy and flavorful with a nice level of spice. The side of rice dressing was excellent with a hint of liver. The mac and cheese proved righteous also but the pork and beans seemed from a can.

The second time was to be short order until I heard the plate was Smothered Pork Chops. I did not get enough of this in my youth so you will never see me turn away from smothered pork. Plastic knife tender and great tasting. The rice received the bounty of the pan drippings. The okra and tomatoes along with the mashed potato style potato salad was as good as any I have put in my mouth. I chowed down. You also get a schoolhouse roll and a piece of bundt cake with each plate lunch.

I finished off with a couple of short orders I opted for my usual Bacon Cheeseburger. While not the best if certainly was not the worst. It provided a satisfactory taste and the gestalt a burger should have. I would definitely have it again. Next came the Seafood Basket. It consisted of a large filet of what I assumed was catfish and six large shrimp fried to perfection. The coating seemed to be a combo of corn flour and flour with some spices adhered perfectly to the proteins. That made it evident that the person frying had some skills. As good as any I have ever tasted. Fries were pretty much standard.

As usual it seemed to be more of a take away place. I seem to be the only one to sit and eat there. Since it is on my normal route home, I consider it a viable option for when I don’t feel like cooking and want to avoid the fast food.


Theatre Geek said...

My sister goes to Sowela, so we went there the other day as it is on the way home.

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