Monday, September 7, 2009

The True Mexican House

While she is not offering everything she start offering more than tamales during the week. These days tamales, enchiladas, and tacos can be gotten as an each or a meal. Also beef or pork fajitas her style along with some pastor item. Pastor is a specially seasoned pork that originated from Mexico City where she is from. Below is a four pack of the tacos pastor. The pork marinated in dried peppers, spices and pineapple juice. The taco is the meat, pineapple chunks, onions, cilantro and a squeeze of lime if you like. You can also add salsa roja too. Since this lady hails from Mexico City I am assuming this is the real deal

She also does something with the pastor meat called a gringa. We would recognize it as a quesadilla. Two flour tortilla with cheese and pastor meat heated on a griddle until ooey gooey.

For a little taste of Mexico come on down. She is on Common St behind the university next to Balls.

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