Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Breakfast

This starts off with Bruce's Sweet Potato pancake mix made into waffles. Usually I am in a hurry and do not let the batter hydrate enough. Sweet potato batter takes awhile. This time I had other things to do concerning the breakfast so it had time to work its magic
As usual I rendered bacon. I normally put the fat and bacon in the batter and go from there. This time the fat went in the batter and bacon went into some pepper gravy I made from a mix.
My new table top appliance does a good job on eggs. Done this way they are a cross between poached and shired. Some release agent and little water in the glass ramekin make for both easy release and steaming
The finished waffle and the basis of the meal
The cooked egg. It just took about five minutes and the yolk is soft.
The peppered and bacon white gravy on top. It turned out perfect.
For the last waffle I made it kinda of a dessert. Below is apple butter and whole milk Greek yogurt from the Tuesday afternoon Cash & Carry Farmer's Market. I mixed them fifty fifty

Here it is. It does look a bit nasty but I assure you it was delicious. I ate this about 10 AM and did not have to eat again until about 4PM when I ate a small snack.

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