Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Donald Link

Chef Donald Link
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Chef Donald Link and his producing partner Francis James of Perception Films are proud to announce the launch of “Taste of Place,” a new 48-episode original MSN Video series that will examine the connection between fresh, local ingredients and the people connected to the land and waters that produce them. Working in partnership with a top 10 online food destination operated jointly by Hearst Magazines Digital Media and MSN, the “Taste of Place” series is now available on at

“Taste of Place,” will take viewers on a tour across the country to visit local ranchers and farmers, artisan bread makers, fisherman – people who understand that “place makes the taste.”

Chef Link kicks off the first episode in California on a tour of the BN Ranch, where he and owner Bill Niman discuss how raising free-range turkeys produces a more natural product with more flavor. The second episode features Hanzell Winery, where Chef Link delves into the winery from grape to bottle, and talks with winemaker Michael McNeill about how environment creates the perfect wine for Link’s Thanksgiving me

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