Monday, November 29, 2010

Brick House

Last month the local LRA (Louisiana Restaurant Association) meeting was held at the Brick House. As usual it was served buffet style. As usual someone at the table kindly bought me a little something. Below is a salad with two dressing ranch and thousand islands.
They had ham, roasted potatoes and green beans. The ham was a really good one with lots of ham flavor and a crusty exterior. I think they put a mustard glaze on it. The green beans were their standard of bacon and brown sugar. A real indulgence. Potatoes were ok as well
This may look like ordinary bread pudding but I could tell the difference the second I put in my mouth. It was made with donuts rather than bread. That gave it a light ethereal texture with enough sugar to instantly rot you teeth or in my case a diabetic coma. The Irish whiskey cream sauce was not to bad either.
I have eaten at The Brick House Catering operation several times. They generally do an excellent job except for the food always seem to be room temperature or cooler. I suspect that just the size of the place is responsible for this. I must say this is not a minus for me. Warm is my preferred temp with super hot a turn off

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