Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Southern Gail


Southern Gail

2331 Broad St

Lake Charles LA


Monday to Friday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM Cost $1.50 to $11

This venue has been more BBQ places than I can name. The new tenants did a bang up job of renovating it. However since they have no public restroom everything has to be take-away. Their rather short menu includes BBQ chicken and ribs along with a sampler plate. Top of the list is smothered okra with shrimp and sausage. They also have a shrimp etouffee and the newest one is smothered ribs which I have not eaten.

As is my want I went for the BBQ combo. It contained a chicken leg and thigh, a large ribs and a link of sausage. The sides were potato salad and pork & beans along with garlic bread. Both chicken and rib showed a nice smoke ring. Both were tender and juicy. They had both been glazed in the signature BBQ sauce. It is a bit different from most around here but tasty. The sausage showed no evidence of smoking but was a tasty piece of meat. I enjoyed them all. The pork & beans seemed straight out of a can and the mashed potato style potato salad with chopped hard boiled eggs suited my taste. The garlic bread was a section of a French loaf

The smothered okra with sausage and shrimp over rice was some of the best stuff I put in my mouth in a long time. It rivaled my mothers. It was perfection on a plate. Neither too slimy or tomato. Needless to say I scarf it down with out hesitation

The etouffee here is a white one. I have never seen a white one before, plenty of red and brown and in between but never white. It was served with green beans and garlic bread. In the end I did not care for it. There was a flavor that was off putting to me. All I can say is that you will have to try it yourself, could have been an off day.

However I enjoyed everything else and I am sure you will too. I may go back for the smothered ribs. Sounds like something I would like. I think it is well worth a try and you will be supporting a small and local business.

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