Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gatlin 1221 W. 19th St. Houston, TX. 281-804-4555

Another hole in the wall place.  Here there are maybe three tables inside but it does have a porch that has fans and heaters.  Most seem to take it away.  It had warmed up enough to sit at the picnic benches on the covered porch.  I got a three meat plate with two sides.  The choice was slim and got slimmer as it went.  They kept running out of meats.  They have had several write ups so I think they got overwhelmed.  I ordered fatty brisket, ribs, and house link.  Unfortunately the brisket had been cooked so long all the fat was cooked out.  It was mostly tender but not meltingly so.  One rib was wonderfully tender and just a little chew.  The other was tough and too chewy.  The links were a typical BBQ style product.  Meat ground up with a big bang of spice.  While I had problems with the textures the flavor and smoke was there.  Can anyone tell me why Texas BBQ come with dill pickles and raw onions?
My two sides were baked beans using their sweet tangy BBQ sauce and cole slaw.  Both were good.  The beans with a nice kick and the slaw fresh with minimum mayonnaise.  I would have to think hard about coming back here.  It is way out of the way and my experience was not the greatest.  However in the future it may be worth a try when the popularity dies down
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